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Heat Pumps can save you up to 30% to 40% on heating bills if you do not have Natural Gas.

Air Conditioning can save 30%+!

Homes should be draft free. Windows and doors sealed when closed. Duct used for moving air around the home should be sealed.  Fuel Prices are rising.  Heating and cooling cost are rising.  In my lifetime I have not seen a period when more care should be offered to our budgeted cost for air quality.

Attic and underfloor areas should be well insulated.  Cellulose blown into an attic should be approximately 10 inches deep.  R-19 or 6 inch batt insulation used under floors should be firmly attached.

In Arkansas, Heat Pumps are best if natural gas is not available for the home owner.  This machine does best when the outside temperature is between 25 degrees and 90 degrees fahrenheit.  Proper installation of the heat pump can mean hundreds of dollars in the pocket of the home owner.

New systems provide SEER ratings to 22.