Online sales of air conditioning equipment is relatively new.   While it is now legal to ship refrigerant contained equipment with freon inside, the EPA still requires freon handling  by trained and certified technicians.  Also for warranty coverage, currently 10 years, the manufacturers require installation by certified and trained personnel.

Jones Air will handle  warranty claims.  

Step 1:   Provide Jones Air with the following:

 Installer's name

Installer's address

Installer's license information

Date of warranty installation.   Absent an install date we will use the shipping date

Short description of failure, part name, model number, serial number

Help with this process is available by e'mail to us here or by phone.

We will honor the manufacturer's Limited Warranty, generally for parts replacement.  The defective part must be returned to the supplier designated by Jones.  Shipping cost may apply.

We understand the urgency of an inoperative AC and will work with you to get the parts back to you.